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If this was an "adult joke" then i cant imagine what high iq ADULT MIND u have If only ur parents decided to use a condom that night and i wouldnt be getting "roasted" by u Dear god u are so cringy

Muhammad zubair ali
Ofcourse it wasnt.
I was being sarcastic the whole time.🙄
And calling me cringy when you keep asking the questions and for talking shit about family. I haven't ever been as low as you are and never will be. The way you got aggressive with your words. Shows how childish you are. Me cracking jokes and pulling your leg. Makes you throw a tantrum ...
Real adult.😂
I was trying to get you angry.
And like a kid you did.
You are sad.
I am a phsycology student. I know how to manipulate people.😂
And to keep my cool at the same time. You need a good doc man. Get help.😁

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Whats the most painful thing someone has ever said to you? 🤔

Talha Chaudhry
After six years of claiming about how much she loved me. And wanted to marry me.
She said and i qoute "I never loved you and you forced me into this reltionship.... e t c " my whole reality shook. It took time to settle and to rebuild of what was left but overtime i did cameover this. That is shy i am able to answer this without my fingers shaking or my breath rising .

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Your regret story 🔥

So listen carefully.
I had a crush.
Finally got her contact number.
Contacted her.
She resisted.
Then she agreed.
We hit it off.
It was good.
Seems like a good story.
Well bam i cheated.
With her best friend.
And then the stupid fool i was.
Fell in love this time.
Fell hard.
But the second girl.
The i cheated my crush over
After 6 years she left.
And then i understood what it feels.
When a heart breaks.
If i could go back.
I would never even pursue this path.
Cause i dont regret losing.
My love.
As much as i regret hurting.
Someone as much as.
I was hurt.
Cause i felt it.
And it was no fun.
Be sincere.
Be honest.
And be straight forward.
Do not confuse.
Love with liking.
And do not play with hearts .
They are precious.
They are life itself.
To break a heart.
Is to kill a soul.🙄

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Are you the type of person with lots of friends or just a few close ones? 🤔👬👭

کائنات جاوید
This will be detailed so beware.😁
Had almost 200 friends when finished college.
But now....
Just a small circle of friends.
Harldy over 7.
People i met over all my years.
They are my friends not cause i am a good person but actually cause they are. Fake people are everywhere but only a few real ones.
Same goes for friends.
A qoute to relate.
"If you arent losing friends as you age then, you arent growing up."
Most people nowadays have two personalities one to show the world and one that is the reality.
For me the people who only have one persona for all the world are the ones worthy of such a relation called "Friendship".🙂

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