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Do you have posters on your wall?

I've got the Doom cover art, Bioshock Infinite poster, Skyrim map and Resident Evil 6 magazine pullout

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Do you think boys (around 16/17 y/o) generally follow the stereotype that they're shallow, immature and prefer sex to a proper relationship? Do you think they take relationships seriously?

No, I honestly think that most people take their relationship seriously.

But does he actually give you an erection? Sorry but... Excuse me while I be sick

No, and just to clear things up since you're obviously pretty gullible, I do not live in Phil Fish's house either.

what the FUCK is with that 'phil fish gives me an erection'???

Phil Fish is fucking hilarious, watch Indie Game: The Movie...

okay Abi is not a "state" ABI is fucking BEAUTIFUL just cause you are a jealous whore you doesn't look half as good as her


abi is a state, why did you go out with her?

Shut the fuck up, you obviously don't know her and you should keep your moronic opinions to yourself.

Stop sharing this link to make people to ask you Abi

I'm not, I'm sharing it because I'm bored and want to answer some questions.


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