Ask @BTSContentIndex:

Hi! Thank you so so much for maintaining such a great project going!! I'm very grateful. I was just wondering, this content index is mostly/only for videos, right? Do u have any tips on how to keep up with BTS' written interviews that are released for example or posts they write, etc?

We are currently working on an index for written interviews! This will not include anything fancafe related, however. It will most likely be launched in January 😊

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Hey, I'm so happy I found your twt. I'm looking for a video (I think a bts of Show Champ). All I remember is a Taejin moment (Jin made an ajae gag, Tae didn't find it funny so Jin was like "You've changed" and Tae said "I've changed bc of ARMY's 💕") It was during Spring Day promo, I think. Thanks.

Sara Bendjafar ✌
Hi! The BTS Content Index is very organised, so you can go to the YNWA tab and find the Show Champion video there! They are labeled very clearly 💜

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