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ㅊ ㅋ ㅊ ㅋto the sweetest person who ever existed😍I wish you health,love,happiness and all the things that you want.💖I still hope that one beautiful day I'll meet you and we'll become very good friends,but if not,I'm sure you'll still be surrounded by people who love you as much as I do.💫Have fun!☺

My English bad so I can not write much .. Thankyou for wishess all for me ^^
I hope we can meet soon☺️
Thankyou I.S :)
- V 뷔

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Hello V here ^^

김태형 Kim Taehyung ^^
I am sorry I am not good at english but i am trying ^^
I have project for my birtthday 😊
I want to see all of army selfie with #IPurpleYouDay as my birtthday present ☺️ You can tag me if you want ^^
I thiink enough.. I am sorry my english bad but I am trying :))
- V, BTS
아미 여러분들
#IPurpleYouDay와 함께 셀카를 게시하여이 프로젝트에 참여하십시오 ☺️
감사합니다 ^^
-뷔 방탄소년단

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