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murtaza_almas’s Profile Photoمُرتضٰی
Tere Sofe Hain Afarangi, Tere Qaleen Hain Irani,
Lahoo Mujh Ko Rulati Hai,
Jawanon Ki Tan Asani.
Amarat Kya, Shikwa-e-Khusrawi Bhi Ho To Kya Hasil,
Na Zor-e-Haidari (R.A) Tujh Mein, Na Istaghna-e-Salmani.
Na Dhoond Iss Cheez Ko Tezeeb-e-Hazir Ki Tajali Mein,
Ke Paya Me Ne Istaghna Mein Meeraj-e-Musalmani.
Auqabi Rooh Jab Baidar Hoti Hai Jawanon Mein,
Nazar Ati Hai Iss Ko Apni Manzil Asmanon Mein.
Na Ho Naumeed, Naumeedi Zawal-e-ilm-o-Irfan Hai,
Umeed-e-Mard-e-Momin Hai Khuda Ke Raazdanon Mein.
Nahin Tera Nasheman Qasr-e-Sultani Ke Gunbad Par,
Tu Shaheen Hai, Basera Kar Paharon Ki Chatanon Mein.

A man would beg, cry, scream but still cheat on you. Ajeeb dramaybaaz hote hein ye.

😒😒Both genders are known for cheating I think women just do it a lot more🤭. Most men just want to feel wanted by one women🥺. Mazeed wazahat k liye I’ll come to clarify. It’s sad but it’s true most girl could be outta of there boyfriend’s arms and into another man’s arms within minutes because most women just have more options even if they just average. It’s a cold world 🥶🌎

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Talking to someone for hours is so dangerous because one day you both will stop talking and it will hurt so much...

qasamakhtar’s Profile PhotoQasam
Ghar ki chatt par bethy🔥
Coffee ya chai?
Apny ap ko anna sy hata kar ehmiyat dein.
Aur zindgi ki talkhiyo ko chai ki chuskiyo sy khatm kry❤️‍🔥
Aur phir b sukoon na mily to us khali cup ko dekhy. Jesy us cup me chai ya coffee dubara bharny ki ghunjaish hai. Us tarha apni zindgi me khushi bharny ki koshish kry.
Khud ko b kabhi mehsoos kr liya kry.
Kuch ronkein khud sy b hua karti hein🌹

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Do you feel like everything normal is slowly being taken away?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
Yes I already agree💯’ because everything is temporary. nothing comes with a lifetime warranty to you. This world is immutable. everything you’re having today will definitely will not be with your for forever. you’re here for yourself today and you’ll be here for you till the last breath. so, explore yourself😊love yourself💫 and let the things come and go. Enjoy them fullest until they are with you.🌸

Do you just feel the lyrics or enjoy the music?

noorayy_88’s Profile PhotoMahnur‍♀️
Umm well its totally depends on situation. Kahi par suna tha meny “when you are happy, you enjoy the music and when you are sad you feel the music”. I find it true, although you can only feel the music when it connects to some part of your own life.💯

You get ignored by the one you love the most 💔

No matter what they are, irrespective of where and how they are, they’ll always be there for you. Your mother, wherever you are, she’ll always keep you in her prayers. Your father, will always be bothered about your whereabouts. You sibling, will always stand up for you, what else do you need and if you’ve really found the one, they’ll always love you no matter what. Love doesn’t comes with conditions. It is unconditional. so, if you’re ignored by someone you love, koi baat ni its oky and I’m sure they’re not really in love with you anymore, or they’ve never been in love with you.💯

What emotion is the strongest for you?

kinzanoor267’s Profile PhotoKinza
It's a weakness.🤗 i'll tell you why. What makes us humans different than animals? our ability to control emotions. If an animal want to attack another one it will just do it. but we humans stop and think about the consequences.the more we evolved the more we were able to control our emotions. Still there are people who cannot do it. They are mostly trouble makers of the society. A less emotional man can think and understand situations better than an emotional person. Consequently he have a higher chance of becoming successful in life. Now people may say without emotions we're just robots. Let me ask you why do you think machines have taken over most of the jobs that were once done by humans? Because they are better than us. If being devoid of emotions makes us machine like I would say that's the point of our evolution. To be better. And I'm sure one day humans will be devoid of the weakness known as emotion. And i hope you’ll get the best answer with these example.🤗 thankyou😂

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Broke up with my boyfriend becauce he couldn't leave his female friends for me. I am so sad. Tell me what to do

Very good✅💘💯 Ap apna chill maro usy apna chill krny do. Aur sukoon kro aur kya 🥰 and remember you’re not someone who is their free time toy. and then he will text you after long time, now its time to ignore him like he ignore you. bcuz he bored or feel empty at that moment, he will again ignore you when he back to normal life.💯


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