Ask @BabySymmetry:

in your opinion, what's it like to fall in love?

Dunno if I've ever really fell in love with someone so seriously but it's a very strong chemical or wash over. This simple person will "make" you change and touch your heart in the most powerful way. It can be the most beautiful thing but at the same time it's dangerous as well. You fall into a very vulnerable state. You're sentimental now for this person. That's where the dangerous part kicks in. Because it can be taken away from you just like that. *snaps fingers* The beautiful part is that they can make you feel at home and give you this immense feeling of warmth. Love releases these chemicals to your body and brain and it's good for you. Love is powerful.

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What are your favorite nighttime activities? (Late night drives, bonfires, walks, etc.)

I like just sitting in the bathtub listening to jazz music. Sometimes sitting outside around a bonfire with some fam. Or sitting under our LED lit umbrella sipping on tea talking about tea. Or star gazing sometimes. Or just plain masturbating to fall asleep and end the night well🤷🏻‍♀️

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