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You would be soft in person

Do you ever even get pedicures

if i want 1

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Would you be strict or soft on drunk drivers?

hmm...well idk what do u think

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Should men who drink and drive, automatically lose their licenses?

you betcha

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How long have you had your license

couple months

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Celeb crush?

this male equestrian on insta
his name is matt and hes mucho hot

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You don't have to look her height up, but my celeb crush "kendall vertes" recently outgrew my final height. Should I be embarrassed? or accept girls can just outgrow my adult height this easily?

no worries i wouldnt have looked up her height cause idk

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but your sister shouldn't get her license before I can drive again

but you shouldnt be stupid

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Can I be your footslave? I'm 4'11"

your height has absolutely nothing to do w this

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Is it unprofessional to use hashtags

if it's ones like #l4l & #c4c yes;
if it's ones describing the photo no

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You need a good pedicure, so pretty

tell me about it

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Would you call an inch tall boy, ant sized? or doll sized?

dolls arent an inch tall

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can you lecture me as a drunk driver?

look it up

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riding schedule?.

i ride every saturday or sunday

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Your roots look dark

im a dirty blonde
100% natural

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Pap of your sister

ponie instead

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Are you a natural brunette

im a natural blonde

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Pap of your eyes

Pap of your horse's best headset or your favorite headset

get it gurl😍💫

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How many phones have you had in your life?

I don't understand why some people let their horses stretch way down. To where their literllyholding the end buckle Is that good or bad thing? And what is the point of it? To me it just kind of looks weird. And when would you ever use it? I mean I never see horses like in equitation classes likethat

you literally answered your own q. yes it is good for them. it's to stretch them. you use it whenever you want to, especially at the end of the ride.

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What can make you panic?

cute ponies + puppies

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What qualities do you have that others don't have?

the love of ponies

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when do you think it's time for a new trainer? mine constantly yells at me, compares me to other students, and makes me want to quit riding.

get a new 1 asap.
a good trainer doesn't compare you to other ppl or put you down. the build you up & help you.
plus having a new trainer will teach you different stuff & help you to improve

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