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Really depressed rn….it’s cos all the gang stalking, slandering and COCKBLOCKING and all the isolation cos ppl have make a freak out of me w/ their lying BS. Life’s not worth living w/ all this crap going on.

Calm Johnny COM Johnny trust me your life can’t be as pathetic as mine

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So there's a guy I've been hangout with but he sent me a message that said "There is something I wanted to talk about but it can wait" Do u think he might be confessing to me ?

abigailtorres255’s Profile Photoemma
Confessing to you about white possibly or could be nothing just something he was gonna tell you about it today

Has food ever made you sick? What happened?

CalypsoGalactic’s Profile PhotoLes Sucettes
No but a old friend did Said he left the mayonnaise out of the fridge raider all night and then he made a sandwich with the next morning and went to work and I got salmonella poisoning

Which culture's food, apart from your own, do you really like?

CalypsoGalactic’s Profile PhotoLes Sucettes
I love Spanish food Mexican food I prefer authentic Mexican food to the stuff you get in restaurants but Gorditas they’re so good how are
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