Ask @Ballerina_LiMei:

What hobby do you wish you could pick up?

Flying a plane. I’d probably be a pilot if i were a man :)

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Name 5 things you love

Anything pink and cute 🎀💖
Latin novelas (Lol) 😎
Quality handbags 💎👜
Traveling 🛩🛥
Sushi 🍣

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Whats your favorite sportswear brand?

I've been eyeing Carbon38 lately 😍They have the most awesome designs

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What do you think about bondage?

They can be fun with proper communication and trust. I have both tied and been tied up before and i think everyone should try it at least once. It can be quite erotic and empowering, great to build tension, anticipation, making the release much more pleasurable. I personally prefer tying someone else because sub roles are more vulnerable and require more trust.

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What can make you panic?

Cliche .... but I'm terrible afraid of extreme sports that involve crazy heights, think of bungee jumps 😱

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Would you rather travel back in time or travel into the future?

Assuming that i'm not gonna be able to come back to the present, I'd probably go to the future just for the thrill and excitement of not knowing what to encounter. And perhaps to see where technology will take us. The past is already known, i'd only go back if i'm able to return to the present. I'd only want to witness some important events, or meet someone and learn from their lives personally. I guess i'd only go back for educational purposes

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Favorite lingerie designer

Christina Aeilli! They have the most luxurious and beautiful designs. Followed by Bordelle because i love bold, sexy strappy sets

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Something you wish you had known when you first became a luxury courtesan

I wish i knew about twitter potential instead of relying on Ter for advertising. Posting an ad there every week put me under the radar of trolls and petty guys who jumped onto any opportunity to mess with my business. It also gave me a false sense of security, i never bothered to explore other venues until i was first banned. Fast forward to today, i feel such a relief to finally get rid of them. I was getting consumed and let my gpa slide, isolated myself from vanilla friends, was always distracted thinking on ways to solve xyz problem they were giving me. The WSJ wrote an article saying fall is the time everyone makes resolution, mine was to stop letting them suck my soul out.

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Would you rather travel on a flying carpet or a dragon's back?

This is such a fun question i'd probably go for a dragon and have my GOT moment. I internally wish i could be a "dragon" lady, i wanna become that badass boss sometimes in the future, someone everybody respects and sort of fear 💪🏻

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About Li-Mei :

Asian luxury courtesan based in NYC. If i'm not online, i'm probably practicing my pirouettes


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