you're [A]mazing,[B]eautiful,[C]uttiiee,[D]elightful,[E]ncourging,[F]reaking lovely,[G]reat,[H]OT. [I]ncredible,[J]ust amazing,[L]ovely,[M]agnificent,[O]mg beautiful, [P]retty,[S]mart,[U]nique,[V]ery caring,[W]onderful,[Y]our just asdfghjkl.

Awhhhh thank you!! But im not really any of those things hahaha

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What is the longest u have ever stayed clean...? mine was 3 months... but im cutting again

Awh why are you cutting again baby?? And the longest for me was a month

I'm so sorry... I'm stupid I didn't know you didn't believe in God. I'm sorry.

Its ok!! Dont worry about it (: i dont take it personally, most people dont know my religion, i dont make a habit of telling everyone! No big deal (:

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