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What’s the best way to learn a new language?

Ummm i lean best on my own so i use an app if i wanna learn a language

you're [A]mazing,[B]eautiful,[C]uttiiee,[D]elightful,[E]ncourging,[F]reaking lovely,[G]reat,[H]OT. [I]ncredible,[J]ust amazing,[L]ovely,[M]agnificent,[O]mg beautiful, [P]retty,[S]mart,[U]nique,[V]ery caring,[W]onderful,[Y]our just asdfghjkl.

Awhhhh thank you!! But im not really any of those things hahaha

hi(: i love you so much. You don't need to starve yourself. it's not worth it. you're Perfect. that bitch can shut her ugly ass face up. because you're perfect 100lbs or 125lbs. You're amazing. Please stay strong<3 you can do this<3 please ignore her. you're better than her and her words.

But i DO need to stare myself, thats why i do. I didnt need that bitch to tell me i should for me to do it. I'll never be perfect and i realize that. I'll try to stay strong

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you're welcome, but you need to starve yourself so you can like lose weight. being fat is ugly.. the world already has enough ugly people. don't be like that. you need to be pretty like me. ((lose weight))

Wow thanks so much for encouraging me to starve myself more than i already do! Your such an AMAZING person *sarcasm* so amazing that you cant even take it off of anonymous to be a bitch to me.

You look a little ugly sorry not sorry

Yea i know im ugly i dont need you to tell me what i already know

Who will go to hell?

Welll i dont think i should write that many people names on here and if they ever found my ask i wouldnt want them to see their name under this question. And id rather not start a ton of drama. It makes my anxiety worse.

What state do you live in I'm in Cali and I need help plz I need someone my kik: shaneywaney126

Im sorry i live in New York but i can kik you!!

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