Hi Lucy, I'm at the 'foundation level' of developing a period drama feature. I read on Script lab that period dramas can have up to 9 sequences (within the 8 sequence practice) and wondered why this was the case. Do you know? Loving the book btw. :)

Hi, I'm afraid I don't really "do" period drama OR the 8 sequences, so I'm probably not the right person to ask for this - I tend to stick to traditional elements of structure / mapping (ie. via scene breakdowns, the paradigm etc) so wouldn't want to confuse you as it would just be conjecture on my part. Glad you like the book, thanks for letting me know! If it's the drama book you're reading, I'd hazard a guess that what I call "episodic" structure may help with period drama, as that often takes in large swathes of time, especially when it comes to biopics? Perhaps if you applied what's in there to your script or any period dramas you're watching atm, that could help. Good luck!

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