Hi. I was offered an internship at a company to be a script reader. I am a college student studying film and I think this internship is a great opportunity. However, I am wondering if there is room for advancement? Can you elaborate on what it means to be a script reader and the opps it has?

Hi, script reading is an entry level job, so there is definitely room for advancement/professional development. Ask anyone in the industry and they probably started as a script reader (and if they didn't, it was probably a runner). That said, you have to handle your professional development yourself and decide where you want to go with it. Myself, I started as a script reader because I wanted a job where I could also handle my other commitments easily, but I always knew I wanted to move into script editing/producing as well, so early on I looked for collaboration partners and decided what my remit was in terms of the types of story/characters I was interested. More info here: http://www.bang2write.com/2011/09/how-do-i-become-script-reader-andor.html

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