Hi Lucy. Where do you stand on mockumentaries? I'm reading Marc Blake's 'How NOT To Write A Sitcom' and he believes that the format is done. A LONG way beyond done, in fact. Would a commissioning editor really cast aside a piece of work solely because it's in this format? Thank you, Happy New Year!

Hi, Happy New Year! TBH, I don't think I could comment with any real authority on this because I've never worked in sitcom. That said, I don't get many mockumentaries across my desk in ANY format (features included), so I wouldn't believe they were especially in demand. BUT if somebody wrote a HILARIOUS mockumentary that's of "our time", I'd bet real money it wouldn't get turned down - no one would want to miss out on "the next big thing". But it would be a calculated risk, plus it's got to be something REALLY special.

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