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what do you think of crayon box labs?

I don't really know much about the group itself, but I know a bit about the people behind it and they seem like a pretty talented group of individuals. I think that their ambitions are too high though. They seem to know how to present themselves really well, but they still need some more work regarding that. For example, their video on their Indiegogo page seems pretty half-assed, but the info and whatnot on that page and their website seems pretty well written and solid. I'm not sure how Kickstarters/Indiegogo stuff works, but their goal is set to $4,000, which is pretty ridiculous. They're doing really well for a bunch of high schoolers though.
tl;dr 9/10 would play dota with

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What's with your obsession with Dota 2 and why do you hate League of Legends so much?

dota is love, dota is life.
I don't really hate League of Legends, I just hate the company that made it and how a lot of people that play the game are really ignorant and stubborn.
LoL has a public rating system (Elo) and other things that make you feel like you're progressing when you play, while Dota 2 does not have either. I guess this is why a lot of people prefer to play it other than Dota 2. Other than that Dota 2 is pretty much superior in every way.

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osugithewise’s Profile PhotoJennifer Osugi
I don't think I can answer this properly since it's strange knowing that you're the one asking haha
You're short. I think you're pretty cool. You're short. I can't imagine how marching band would be if you weren't here. You're short. I wish you were in my section though since the altos are lame. You're short. I think it's cool that you dress with such class, or at least it seems like class in my uncultured opinion. You're short. You owe us a new Pearl Harbor. You're short. I like the way you pronounce terryaki and other Japanese words like kamakazi. You're short. You're the shortest Japanese person I have ever met.
10/10 would play dota with since you're so short

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h/o jason chu

I've been hearing a lot of negative things about Jason that has shaped my opinion on him quite a bit since I don't talk to him as much anymore. I've known Jason since Pomeroy, and we've been bros for a long time until recently, when the "unpleasantness" came. I remember we used to have such great times. The best of those times was when he, both Michaels, and I would play vidya games together. I'll miss those days, but times-a-changin'.
I don't consider us to be friends anymore unfortunately. He told me recently that he would start playing Dota 2, but I haven't really seen him online so I guess that's no longer a thing. I hope he's happy with whatever he's doing now.
tl;dr 7/10 would play dota with if he gave the game a chance

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h/o of the people in your section

I think my section is pretty cool. I often have trouble sparking up conversations with them though, especially with Sarah and Alex, so I usually just don't talk to them at all.
Allan: He is inarguably a much better musician than I am. I have never witnessed his bassoon playing, but I've heard much about it and I've heard him play the tenor sax, so I have no doubt he plays better than god himself. He also plays his tenor sax a lot better than I can play mine and he's a really fun bro.
Andrea: I'm glad that she's in my section because other than me, she's the only tenor sax vet. I usually don't have to worry about her because she pretty much knows what she's doing. A lot of the time she also helps "manage" the section which is pretty cool too.
Sarah: I never really expected her to perform as well as she does. Me in my first year of marching band does not even compare with her. She is the only person in my section besides myself that always keeps their elbow up, which I absolutely love since telling people to keep their elbows up is a pain in the ass because they usually drop it within a minute. I often feel like she hates me though. Whenever any issues come up, she usually talks to Andrea, and very rarely she'll come to me. She can be enthusiastic and fun at times which is awesome.
Alex: I never knew he was in marching band when he was a freshman. That is quite an accomplishment because I think getting a spot in marching band at that time was pretty tough. Ever since he fixed the screw issue on his sax, he's been improving on his playing. Unfortunately Mr. Kaldy gave him a really crappy saxophone with leaks everywhere, but he has been toughing it out with almost no complaints, which I have major respect for. If I were in that situation I would be bitching 24/7 and would probably just buy my own saxophone. He needs serious work on his marching though, and I dislike that often gives me excuses for everything despite the fact that I tell him every time "excuses are excuses even if they're true." He can also be fun at times just like Sarah.
tl;dr 8/10 would play dota with all

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h/o jason dinh

Jason Dinh is without a doubt the most well-rounded person I have ever met. He's so generous, funny, great in school, charismatic, etc. I'm willing to say that he's pretty much flawless. I don't know anyone that even remotely dislikes him. He and I used to be good friends in 7th grade, but then after that year I had completely forgotten he had existed until the end of last year, and he was still pretty much the same, and that's a good thing.
I wouldn't be surprised if he became president one day. He'll probably be accomplishing big things in his life.
tl;dr 10/10 would play dota with

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what is the saddest story you have ever heard?

The story of Ronald Reagan with Alzheimers.
"At the end of his life his wife, Nancy, found him staring at a picture or model of the White House. He turned to her and said something along the lines 'I don't know what this is but it used to be part of my life, right?'".
"When he was suffering from Alzheimers, would clean his pool for hours without knowing his Secret Service agents were replenishing the leaves in the pool."

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