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KRQ: Do you often talk with people about tv shows/vidding? And are they only your vidding friends or do you also have someone you can talk to in real life? and if yes what's better, talking with vidding/internet friends or with the ones from real life?

Kate's Random Questions

Actually, i don't really talk about vidding, or tv shows with friends in real life. I usually talk about these things with my internet friends - other vidders -, because .. i don't know if we watch the same thing we can fangirl about it more, talk it out and everything. Since almost everyone ditched me in real life as their friend - like doesnt really take care of our friendship XD -, i would say that vidding/internet friends are better.
And the fam i have now on skype are the best, im truly blessed with them, i can't thank life enought that i have them♥

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When was the last time you ordered pizza? What kind of pizza was it?

i actually just ate a pizza home made. i dont orderXD

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KRQ: How do you feel about collabs? have you ever host one? if yes, it was okay or you had problems? are you planning host another one in future? (and sorry I couldn't help myself but I have to mention my b-day collab in case some of you might wanna join https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjlA5Lu1gcA )

Kate's Random Questions

I love collabs, actually. It can be two people collab, a whole "squad" collab, i love them. Lately i didn't join a lot, because of less time, and interest, i'm in only the ones which is by collab groups, or it's for a friend.
I really love hosting it too, but i don't have good memories with it. I hosted four collabs on my channel, and from that four, only two became completed.
Like, i was hosting one for my birthday, and it got cancelled bcuz of missing parts, and since it was days after my birthday, i cancelled it. it felt a bit bad, because i haven't made any bday collab in the last 3 years, and once i want to, i can't..anyways, i'll probably make collabs in the future, or at least, i'll try to

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Mennyire vennéd zokon, ha valaki más is használná a történetéhez Aliciát egy fontos karakter arcaként?

Hat, mivel nem a tulajdonom, igy barki hasznalhatja..de teny es valo, hogy nem nagyon hasznalta mas Ot, mielott en. Igazandibol, egy picit esne csak rosszul, hiszen azzal, hogy csak en "hasznaltam" ot, eredeti volt, es nem agyon hasznalt szereplo:(:

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Látom szereted Aliciát. Mi fogott meg benne ennyire? :)

Miutan megneztem az ifjusag vegrendeletet, egyszeruen megtetszett a szineszi tehetsege. Interjukat kezdtem nezni rola, tovabbi filmeket, majd inspiraciot leltem bennuk, igy az O kulso megjelenesevel a blogom karaktereve kereszteltem. Egyszeruen csak szeretem, felnezek ra, o motival meg minden. Az interjukat latvan es a szemelyiseget ismerve sajat magammal is osszetudom hasonlitani :)) huh ez hosszu hahaha

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do u work on any project right now? can u post a screenshot if yes??

Well..uhm yeah, another crossover.
my channel is full of crossovers

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Game Day #18: Get to know the vidder's fandoms game! ^^ More here: https://ask.fm/editingfunzone/answers/140936115211


- If you were a fictional character in *insert fav universe here* what would you probably be doing and what life do you think you would have?
I would be an avenger, probably saving the world with my beautiful, dork boyfriend, Bucky.

- Who do you think is a misunderstood character?
Maybe Loki?? i dunno

- Which character do you wish you were siblings/best friends/dating with?
Siblings: Wanda Maximoff
Best Friends: Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers
Dating: guess who

- A pairing you wish you shipped, but just can't?
uuuuuuuhm i don't know

- Your favorite vidder gives you one request, what do you ask for?
"teach me (in steven strange's voice) making a beautiful coloring"

- Choose a song at random, what ship does it remind you of?
Stiles and Bonnie

- What are three things you've learned from one of the shows you watch?
→ Do not trust anyone
→ Fight for yourself
→ Be strong and confident

- If you could be a writer for any show you wish, how might you develop the plot/characters?
Oh it would be so long to write this out here ahahha since i'm actually writing a blog where i'm changing up the plot a bit with having my own character.

- What's one of your favourite quotes from a show you watch?
Yikes, i do have a lot ehhehe

- Favourite type of AU?
all my au's

- How do you feel about fanfiction? Which one's your favourite? Do you write any? Post links if you do.
They are great, because you can write out your fangirling, your dream while writing a story. I have a lot currently, and yup, i'm writing one but it's in my draft while i'm editing it, and it's in hungarian actually..well yeah, but i'm thinking about translating it to english.

- Name a character you'd totally smooch?
Bucky B.

- Name a character you'd wrap a blanket around?
Bucky B. omg
and Steve R.

- Name a character you'd love to be roommates with?
Wanda M. and Natasha R.

- Name a character you'd die defending?
Bucky B. and Steve R. lol

- Name a character you'd love as a BFF?
Wanda and Natasha and Steve and Stiles oh well

- Name a ship you despise?
bucky and natasha idk why

- Name a character you'd like to slap?

- What's one show you don't watch but you're still in the fandom?

- What was your first fandom?
Teen Wolf

- Has a fandom ever caused you to stop liking a show, if so, which and why?

- How do you feel about the other people in your current fandom/s?
I feel nothing tbh

- Which character is mostly like you?
From Marvel: Wanda
From The Royals: Ophelia??, i dunno

- One thing you dislike most about your favorite character?
i dislike that everyone calls him a villain

- A ship of yours that never sailed?
*sobs* Selicia *cries*

well i'm out of letters again, but i don't really want to put it in another question ahahha so well yeah.

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Game Day #18: Get to know the vidder's fandoms game! ^^ More here: https://ask.fm/editingfunzone/answers/140936115211

Editing Fun Zone

- Name one of your favourite characters?
Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier

- Name one of your favourite villains?
Nogitsune, oh uhm..i can't remember more villains ahhha

- Your current OTP?
Sebastian + Alicia, Stiles + Bonnie

- One actor that you look up to and why?
Sebastian Stan, because i know his story, how much he worked to get to the point he is at right now.

- One actress that you look up to and why?
Alicia Vikander, because i think we somehow match, aka our personalities, i love her, and i look up to her because she is strong, confident and amazingly friendly with everyone.

- Favourite episode from any show you watch? (Or just an episode you love)?
Uhm...Probably 2x12 from Lucifer

- Favourite show and why?
I don't have only one favourite, ahhaha. Lucifer, Royals, FDTD, TW...

- If you could live in any fictional universe which one would you live in?
MARVEL ofc. nothing else. just marvel.

- Name 5 OTPs.
→ Sebastian Stan + Alicia Vikander
→ Stiles Stilinski + Bonnie Bennett
→ Steve Rogers + Clara Oswald
→ Natasha Romanoff + Matt Murdock (ok sorry if i made a mistake writing their name lol)
→ Bucky and Emilia (emilia aka my story's character)

- One character you have a crush on?
Oh jeez, who else, Mr. Barnes

- One of your favourite fandoms to be in and why?
Marvel, because i'm a trash for supernatural/superhero things ahahah

- Describe *insert fav show here* in three words.
Lucifer: amazing, funny, exciting

- A ship you’ve abandoned and why?
Nah, i don't have a ship i abandoned.

- A person who got you into a fandom and what fandom they pulled you in to?

- What was the first thing you ever contributed to a fandom?
uhm, i don't know

- Favourite cast?
Avengers cast, marvel cast, ehhe *smirks*
----------------------continue it cuz i'm out of letters-----------------------------------

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Question Day #19: What are your thoughts on vidding problematic fandoms/ships/characters/etc? Is it romanticizing problematic behaviour? Do you think it sends a wrong message for the younger viewers? Explain in detail.

Editing Fun Zone

I don't think it's sends the wrong messages, i mean, everyone will probably warn the viewers if the video is containing xy themes, which are not really for younger ones. But it's actually all up to them, if they watch it, we can't do anything against it ?
Vidding problematic fandoms, ships and characters...well, it's all up to the others, like, i don't think they are problematic, while my subscribers yes?? i don't know how else to express it

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Oh gawd i couldn't finish the challanges:(( but hopefully you will see them tho? bcuz i'll post them in your questions...i'm really sad that you are going..i loved your questions!
Good luck in the future tho, i wish you the bests! :) Bye!

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Question Day #20: What's the longest amount of time you've ever spent working on a video in one "session"/sitting?

Editing Fun Zone

5 hours?? I think yeah, with sranding up onlu for drink😅😅😅 this happens when u really want to finish smth

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Create a tumblr text post style edit about yourself! More here: https://ask.fm/editingfunzone/answers/141006490891 have fun ^^

Editing Fun Zone

I will skip this, but not because I don't know how to make it, because i'm in hospital and I probably won't sit down in front of the computer😔

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Game Day #16: Pick one of your videos and explain it in detail! More here: http://ask.fm/editingfunzone/answers/140784086027

Editing Fun Zone

Skipskip too difficult😔😖

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Question Day #16: What kind of ships do you usually ship? Is there something all of them have in common? What is it? (ps - those of you who are participating in Challenge Day #15 pls check my latest answers from time to time for additional rules and updates.)

Editing Fun Zone

I always ship my favourite characters together. Like, Sebby is my fav actor, and Alicia my fav actress; they are perfect together in my opinion so...😏 aka i ship AU couples, who has never met with the other

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ThataAsks: I wanna start another tv show (just finished The Magicians) and i'd love to see some suggestions. Please, introduce me to one of your favorites and convince me to watch it xD I'll give a like in my favorites explanations.

Thata Asks

Lucifer: because it's funny, interesting, exciting and life
The Royals: because it's great lol

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Question Day #18: What is the one thing you regret most about your vidding journey? (It can be a video, an effect or coloring you did, a fandom you joined....)

Editing Fun Zone

I didn't regret anything...i guess

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KRQ: I'm not big fan of this day but out of curiousity I just need to ask... what is your opinion about saint Valentine's day? tell me anything about it that comes to you mind... do you like/celebrate it? how or why you don't? do you love it or you think it's nonsense?

Kate's Random Questions

It's a great thing if u have a valentine....
But i don't have...
I mean, i do have, Sebastian pffft😋
Jk if i would have i would spend the whole day with my valentine doing some cliche romantoc stuffs with a lot of cuddles
//the sarcasm is heavy in this gif//

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What would be your mafia boss name?

( @sophiexx37 and @EvieSnuggle - tos😋)

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ko-fi.com isn't a virus or anything. people pay you for "a cup of coffee" just cause they like you it's like paypal and you can use your videos to promote that. i'm sorry if my last message came across as bad. i thought it was a good idea and i wanted to share with you all :( i'm really sorry

Sorry, i thought it is, since you've sent it as anonymus:( i really didn't want to have virus that's why i didn't click on it, aka declined it! Maybe some day i'll check it! Ps.: thank u for suggesting

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GUYYSSS!!! Check out ko-fi.com!!! you can make money off of your fanvideos legally !!! :))) spread the word

Uh no i don't need virus

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A couple of announcements. PLEASE READ!! https://ask.fm/editingfunzone/answers/140937021195

Editing Fun Zone

I'm so sad to hear this😔 i really like your questions - the only reason im late answering them is bcuz i want to do it on pc. About the challanges, i'll try to finish the missing parts soon, to send jt to you before you go. And i want to say sorry for dropping out☹💛

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What motivates you to get up on Monday morning?

Sebastian Stan

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Reminder for those of you who are in Challenge Day #15 !! -just delte if you're not a part of it - The deadline is on Feb 10 11:59pm UK time meaning you have less than 5 days remaining (Read this: http://ask.fm/editingfunzone/answers/140859658251). If you want to drop out use this question to do it

Editing Fun Zone

I feel very guilty saying this, but i have to quit. Not because i don't have time, but because i realised that i can't edit this theme. I literally can't make myself searching for horrors - since i don't like them, and i don't have inspiration to edit anything until the deadline. Im sorry.

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Would you rather kiss Joker or Donald Trump?

The answer is very obvious

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Ask @Barbee130:

About •barryxedits•:

17, Barbi, Hungary
vidder & designer & writer
Alicia Vikander is my twinnie✧*:・゚
Sebastian Stan is my husband✧*:・゚


#sebastianstan #aliciavikander #TEAMSEBARRY #thewintersoldier #marvel #buckybarnes