Ask @Battlechili1:

What is one thing that many people don't know about you?

I have a diary dated all the way back to 2005. You can visually see the improvement in handwriting and changes in how I thought and what I thought about over time. It's sometimes fun to look at just to see what my childhood brain thought about.
Also, something a bit juicer that I've said elsewhere but is still relatively unknown is that I would crossdress, given the opportunity. It's something I really wanna do.

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who do you miss ?

My biological mother.
She passed away several years ago due to taking the wrong mix of medicines. I so badly want to hear her voice again. I want to talk to her and hug her and play video games together like we used to. All I have of her are a few pictures and an old teddy bear she once gave me. I used to be able to smell her on it, and now I can't. I don't want to forget her. I miss her very much.

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Which programming language would you like to learn?

Assembly! I really wanna learn how to code in assembly. Being able to do that would be such a useful and great skill since being able to code in it would allow me to have so much control over how something runs and would allow me to make programs run extremely efficiently. Plus its supposed to be pretty hard given how low level it is. I imagine if one has a strong handle of assembly they're in good shape.

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OMG , WHAT A COINCIDENCE , I just finished .hack infection and I started playing mutation , I would love to talk to you about the game ! if you don't mind is there a way where I can message you and talk about the game with you ? =^.^=

Sure! You can add me on Discord where my username is Battlechili#0279 . I also have a Steam account: . You can message me on either of these places, though do know that I don't currently have any form of consistent internet access and won't have it until August 12, so my ability to message you is off and on. If you add me, please let me know that this is you.
And cool! .hack//Infection is fun and I wanna get through IMOQ in time for Last Recode's release.

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