Ask @BaylasanV:

i didn’t expect that but thank u and yes i do know enough shit to care w msh m7tajtk t7keeli ‘grow up’ 7akeet m3ak because i wanted to know how is it going with u w 7ketlak enta bt3rfeni 5las asfe i wont annoy u again... that’s what u do u push people away 7ata ele bt7ebhom w bt3rafhom

First of all I DON'T KNOW YOU!! W ballah what shit exactly do you mean?!
" if you really know me"
And why on earth would I tell you "how everything is going" with me girl!!
What I think is this... You still don't know shit to tell me that I push people away b3den why didn't you say it right to my face ha?! I guess you definitely needed me to tell you that you have to grow up!! Think about it would ya!

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