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hi Thai ! thnx for all the things you have done for me I truly appreciate it & you !!!¡ ur a lovely individual even though u can sometimes make me upset & want to punch u in the face but it ok! Thnx for also listening to my jokes & trying to answer them omfg ilysm <3 :> ps; don't be a fuckboy xoxo

I can feel the love <3

Tbh// you're a really good friend and you're the chillest guy I know, that's what I like about you man and you're awesome harem freaking King damn it XD

SaMSaNcHeZ16’s Profile PhotoSam Casselle
Um thanks man.Who are you?

You and Sam are really cute:)

Hey thanks for calling both of us cute xD I appreciate your kindness,but Fiona is cuter tho.

BB tell me who your best friends are :)

I have a lot now.They are Fiona,Sam,Brandon,Marc,Cass,and people in squad.

How do you feel about thaicult?

I love it.The members are nice and smart.Words can't describe how much I love it :D


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