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Joy Walker
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Tbh; you're my baby, my cousin, and one of my best friends, I love you and I can't wait to be back in Hospo with you!

Sierra Tremblay

Awh Sierra ❤️❤️ I just saw this. I love you too and can't wait either!

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What is the last thing you do before bed?

talk on the phone with babe

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Candyy. 🍭🍬


Thanks girll

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Compliment: you are the nicest girl I know no joke. I'm sorry we grew apart, I love you bunches. Message me! ❤️❤️❤️😭


Thanks lovee <3 It's fine, i love you too and will do!

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Thoughts on me killing myself?

You should probably call this number 1 (800) 273-8255.

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Would u ever try an underwater kiss?


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Tbh: You're my cousin and we get along pretty good love yaaa

Nick Bingham

Love you tooo

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i miss you

I miss your brother.

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I love your eyes 👀, they just stick out to me...#PoopEyeTeam #GoingStrong 😉

Thanks gabby :* #GoStrongOrGoHome

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who took ur virginity?

You did.

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this isnt john

then who is it

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Cutest couples?

Me, Alyssa and kyah

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ill do anything she wants

We don't want you John.

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ill take alyssa fishing

Alyssa don't want to go fishing anymore she wants to get drunk,Sorry.

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what do you think about d.j Bessette?

i love alyssa

Alyssa wants to go fishing.

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i love you

Alyssa loves you too

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Honest opinions on Alexis Ashley Aystin and Ezibel?

Theyre all super gorgeous and nice.

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Your so perfect how Chould any one not like you your legit perfect 😍😍😍😍

Who is this but thanks?

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Tbh: your my amazing sister and I love you to death XD

Anthony Eldridge

Awh, love you too!

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Jonathan Derohen? thoughts on him?

If you had $5 left in your pocket what would you spend it on?

Terrayaki beef jerky, obviously

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