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Something for yourself..🖤🌺

Dear future self,
Everything that has happened has lead you to this moment. Don't change a thing. Everything worked out exactly as it should be.
All the puzzle pieces fit, all the paths make sense. All the people were meant to be. All the successes, failures, heartwarming, and heartbreaking moments were all worth it.
No regrets!
You were and are and have been and always will be "yourself", and that's what matters above all.
With love and respect,
Dear past,
Thank you for all the lessons.
Dear future,
I'm ready.
Something for yourself

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هو ينفع دكتور يتجوز اي بنت عاديه؟

هو الدكتوره ده جاي من كوكب تاني ولا كائن فضائي واحنا منعرفش


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