Do you follow fashion trends actively?

Of course I do follow but not any fashion trend but the one who made the word "FASHION" come into existence.
i don't know this girl closely but,
she makes me smile everyday
if you knew her
you wouldnt know what to say
even though i have so much to mend
nothing comes out
but, have a good day
i wish she knew
i wish she felt
but nothing compares to the way i feel
and she far from perfect
but far from not
and she's really
all i have and all I've got to follow
all i do is try to make her
feel like she's the only girl
but she doesn't know
or even want to know
how beautiful she really is
I'm bad with words
so I'm hoping this
will make her finally realize
she's the one i follow
and ive got so much more to say
but i have to stop
i guess someday
shell finally realize
she's in my eyes
the most perfect girl
She is herself the fashion.

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