A "Beautiful Girl" ?? Explain it in your words 😊.............. I love the way you compliment, you are such a good soul 😍 the girl who will be your queen of your heart ❤ would be the luckiest girl 👧 I've a huge crush on you ❤ loads of love ❤#Pakistani fan girl 😘

Beauty isn't about having a pretty face. it's about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and most importantly, a beautiful soul. ♥
Every Woman On This EARTH Is Beautiful So Who Are Yuh To Judge ?
Calling A Girl Ugly Just Because Her Boobs Aren't Big Enough ?
Calling A Girl A Pig Because Her Body Isn't Skinny Enough ?
How Do Yuh Think That Makes Her Feel Knowing That She Has To Wake Up Everyday,
&Look Herself In The Mirror Beginning To Believe Everything Yuh People Say,
Going Through Life Being Reminded Of How 'UGLY' She Is...Smh I Dont Understand,
Do Yuh Think Making Somebody Feel Less Of Themselves Makes Yuh More OF A Man ?
All It Takes Is ONE Word To Make Her Feel Insecure For The Rest Of Her Life,
All It Takes Is 1 Hateful Comment To Make Her Feel Like Dying &Picks Up That Knife,
Just Because She's Not As Pretty As The Models Yuh See On TV,
Or As Skinny &Fit As The Girls Yuh See On ABDC (Americas Best Dance Crew),
That Doesn't Give Yuh The Right To Make Her Feel Worthless,
One Day She Might Hav Enough &Put A Bullet To Her Head Screaming "I DONT DESERVE THIS!"
So I Ask Yuh Again Who Are Yuh To Judge Somebody By What They Look Like On The Outside,
Because Unlike YUH She's Probably More Beautiful Than Yuh'll Ever Be ON The Inside,
Grow Up &Think Before Yuh Say Things That Aren't True,
Because While Yur Calling Girls Ugly They Might Be Thinking The Same About YUH,
Ladies Every One Of Yuh Are Beautiful So Don't Let One Person Make Yuh Not Believe It,
AGAIN LADIES EACH &EVERY ONE OF YUH ARE BEAUTIFUL...It Just Takes That One Special Person To See It..

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