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well you shouldn't of chosen weed and alcohol and generally doing everything to ruin your life. he deserves better thank god he left when he could!

i never chose anything over him?......its called having fun,try it sometime bitch. but he knows just like everyone else if it came down to choosing id chose him every fucking time so please do me a favour and take your bullshit somewhere where someone actually gives a fuck m8888 bye x

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stop stealing other people boysss dan was happy with chloe

hey lucie(y) im not stealing anybody's 'boys' and dan and chloe have nothing to do with me and i quite frankly couldn't give a toss about either of them rn. i thought dan was my bestfriend? i put a picture on fb and suddenly im coming between them. tbh it has nothing to do with you so just fuck offf. k ye bye.

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opinions on your best friend?xx

my best friend? hmm, Dan's my best friend and he's actually perfect in every way possible, in some way he kind of saved me,he was there when nobody else was he made my good days great and bad days better,he was my reason for living, he is the only one who never gave up on me and loved when i hated myself,who believed in me when nobody else did he's my brother,i wake up most days thinking about him,and i realise i don't tell him enough how grateful i am to have such a best friend, he was there when times where shit,and i was at breaking point,where i was near enough to the point of giving up,if it wasn't for him i wouldn't be here now. i love him to pieces,and i don't want to ever loose him,because if i did i don't know what i'd do tbqh. he's my world,nobody could ever replace him. we've been through so much together,and despite how much we hardly see each other any more he will always be my main guy<3 he knows everything,yet he choose to stay,he likes me for me and that's all i could ask in a best friend<3 i love you dan<3

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