Just a quick question, what makes you angry/rant/need a breather?

What a question. A lot of people make me angry. Rude, drunk dickheads. People online that think they can make a joke out of anything. People thinking they can pay by card at work then ask if they buy any more drinks if they can pay by card, hint to those guys, GET FUCKED. Many modern bands that have their head up their arses and don't know when to fucking stop. Feelings make me FUCKING angry! Not having enough sleep. That one person that always wants to do something but when something gets planned, they become a fucking let down, EVERY FUCKING TIME. People at the bar that wave their hands, money, shout their order at you, shout 'OI' to get our attention, those ones that tell you who to fucking serve next because they're mates with them -.- those twats that wait until you go serve them to ask their mates what they're drinking. Those people that think as soon as I'm not behind the bar, I have no power, bitch, you wrong. Carry on being a cunt, I'll kick you the fuck out, by your hair or your clit that's hanging out.