Ask @BeeSin:

This HTC tournament is showing some talented players. How come they haven't been considered by LCS teams? Players like Dardoch, Wolfe, Contractz, Billy Boss, etc.

A lot of NA teams are looking for imports, which I don't blame them. One reason teams won't look at inexperienced NA players is due to the risk/gamble of them failing. A lot of these players are young, which can lead to problems concerning the amount of time they can put into the game.

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What is the chance that TIP avoids being a raging dumpster fire next split? Whoever buys them is going to have only the players no one else wants to choose from. That seems bad.

I think it would mostly be on Riot's end, considering the buyout process and what not takes a while. Although, I think there's a lot of money being dumped into S6, so I wouldn't necessarily rule out them on having a good roster. There are plenty of good players in League :P.

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