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Thoughts on me baby xx

Tahlyeeyore98’s Profile Phototahliekirstenfeldt
My beautiful Tahls. The most lovely, kind, caring, gorgeous, funniest girl ever to walk the earth. Always putting herself before others and making an effort to be there for me even tho she is 3 hours away. Always got my back through thick and thin. So super strong and has been through so much yet always puts a smile on others faces. One of my best friends. Miss and love her to the moon and back xx
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Ho: ❤️

TamaraRokesky’s Profile PhotoTamara Rokesky
Tamara I actually love you so bloody much. You're the most beautiful, caring, loving girl ever. I know I can trust you with anything and know I can rely on you with anything. We never get to see each other though which really really sucks but when we do we have the best times. You're so crazy and fun and alway seem to find a way to bring a smile to my face. I trust you with my life. I miss you so so bloody much and love you xx
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Thoughts beautiful xx

ness_bryson’s Profile PhotoVanessa Bryson
OMG Nessy you're the most beautiful girl ever! You're so kind, sweet, funny, lovely and perfect. You're the most perfect human in this world. I'm so glad to have met you because your literally one of my best friends! Miss you so much and love you heaps!


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