Ask @BerlinDude353:

I had a horrible dream this morning where (be4 I woke up) I wound up stabbing my cat,and he didn't make a sound and he was barely bleeding and I don't remember why I did. I kept kissing him and saying I'm sorry and when I woke up I kissed and hugged and cried with my cat. How do I get over it?

Firstly, who says before like that? Never seen it as be4, either before or b4. Secondly, it was a dream so that’s how you get over it, it wasn’t real, like come on

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Why does Joe Taylor from Knuckle Puck keep dressing like a bag of Takis on stage for Warped Tour?

First of all, i don’t know who the fuck that is, nor do I give a shit. How dare they call themselves Knuckle Puck and ruin The Mighty Ducks good name. Secondly, that’s a really weird comparison to make, and i don’t know and I don’t care. I assume he’s old enough to dress himself, so he can dress however the fuck he wants. Why do you give a shit? Tired of these stupid ass questions from random people idk. They need to fix this app

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