Hey,hope it's not too late to say congrats with your pregnancy!!! Hope everything will be smooth for you and the baby :-) Stay safe and take care xx P/S:How could you not be fussed turning 19 few months ago cause I'm turning eighteen in 13 days and I'm already fussed!

My son was never planned, I actually got caught whilst being on the pill.
And I personally don’t believe in abortions other than if it were rape...
But honestly, I’m very family orientated, I don’t feel the need to go out drinking etc, because I’ve done it and it’s boring when I’ve done it a lot.
And I’m super super happy, me and my boyfriend have our own house and now waiting for our little boy 🙈🙈 his 2 days over his due date!😫
I’m so grateful of my little family!
Even though I’m 19, it’s just a number and I’ve finished my education, I have a good job, have my own home, the perfect man and now a beautiful baby boy💙

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