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Do you have a passport? If not are you getting one ??

Grac3fulBella86’s Profile PhotoJaiBella
Funny you should ask that, I have to get one, But my ex girlfriend through my birth certificate away do not ever lose your birth certificate!!!

What food is romantic to you?

I don’t know maybe oysters but I would think your surroundings Make it romantic

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Why all day long do you spending talk with your virtual boyfriend ?

You act like you know me! It’s a good thing you’re not sitting here with me because I’d slap the fuck out of you!

What is your favorite restaurant?

The cattlemen‘s club in San Luis Obispo best freakin steak I have ever had

Are you about to use the bathroom. ??? 👿=🐞

Why do you ask? That’s kind of a dumb ass question or do you have a fetish for shit

If you found out someone was talking badly about you behind your back, do you confront them about it or do you let it slide?

Lol what do u think? I’m damn sure Iam not gonna let it slide

Do you like Dunkin ?

Yeah if you’re talking about doughnut hell yeah if you talking about anything else be specific

Would you ever try the blueberry gum off of Charlie and the chocolate factory?

I’ll try most anything once


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