Ask away, man. As for who the characters are, they're not ASS-related at all- but they HAVE appeared in The Frollo Show before ;)

Chase M
I'm going to guess it's either one of these duos:
Fegelein and Mephiles
Jaime Maussan and Haruhi
Jaime Maussan and Adal Ramones
Dmitri Frollo and Stalin
Achmed Frollo and Yusuf Gaston
Tommy Wiseau and Mark
The King and Snake
Quasimodo and The Beast
Leonidas and Garbage Guy (Maybe also Spartacus)
Konata and one of the other girls from Lucky Star :P (No, but I do like Lucky Star, and they DID cameo as zombies in FBUER)
Madotsuki and Yomika
Ib and Garry (*Sigh* Why is Mary not in The Frollo Show?)
Irene and Anakaris
Demitri and Morrigan
AVGN and Nostalgia Critic