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Mohamed I BM
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Who has been the most important person in your life?

Mother.. Always

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نوي اسمها نارينه؟

شو ها العربي ?

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Best of luck in your marriage and life ❤️


Thank u bro

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Km 9ar lk with your G.F ?

Long enough

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Youre really in love or just wasting time ?

how old are you ? you have kik ?

حصيص ⚡️.

21, no

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Do whatever you want they're just jealous=))


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فديتك انا يا النتفه


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Someone who u like his or her tweet's?


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يت مرة هددت بنية؟

ما خلفو علينا هاي السوالف

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sho asm babetk?

Asmha babe

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حمود لك وحشه

U 2

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ليش ماترد على سوالي؟ كم نهاية البن تبعك؟

I dont use BBM anymore

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What is the most important thing for you?

My mother

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Cute are you and nwieh engaged?

Thank you

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What tan do you use ?

I choose randomly

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whats your chatous account?

I dont have 1

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How many times have you been to Thailand?

Dunno,, alot

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الله يحفظ أمك ويطول بعمرها ❤️

W y7f'6ch❤️

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Wat do u thinks of nwieh's new hair dye


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7mud I miss u so much ya lait ayam alsfr trd ..

Hmm ay sfra b'6b6

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ما هزااا يا محمد الهيلق يغارون منك

شفت عاد

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