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what is the last time you got out for a date ??

Last night and then I think a couple days before that. 😅

Are you a social butterfly or a socially awkward weirdo like me?

I'm extremely socially awkward. I almost never leave home and when I do people never fail to put me on the spot.
Are you a social butterfly or a socially awkward weirdo like me

What drinks did you have today? Any alcohol?

I had water, plain coffee with sugar and cream and a blue Gatorade. I don't drink alcohol anymore.
What drinks did you have today Any alcohol

Do you skip breakfast or go right into lunch?

Skip breakfast
but its more like to me skip all meals until dinner 🤦🏽‍♀️

Do you like working out?

Occasionally, but I used to like to more (daily) but been more sedentary lately.


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