Ask @BlackBirdAolen:

Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?

Okay, this time, I will answer the daily question.
Either you burst into flames when you step out into the sun, are allergic to garlic (I couldn't live with that!), and have only blood to nourish yourself. In this day and age?! When there's all sorts of shit in the bloodstreams of people?!
Or you suffer an uncontrollable episode once every four weeks, tearing up everything around you, and potentially killing loved ones. Heeeeell no.
And to top it off: neither will make you too favorable in the eyes of the authorities, and it would only be a question of time before the SWAT (or equivalent) team would knock down your door and put an end to your misery. So how would that be cool in any way at all?!

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Can you do Fast Food Resturant (Hamburger Meat made using Human Teen Meat) Fanfiction Fandom: Pretty Little Liars TVShow (Liars are Meat)

...what? No, seriously, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around that. And sadly, that is another fandom I would have to really delve into to have any kind of idea what to write about... hence don't have the time for it. Sorry! :/

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Castlevania AU: Adrian brings Trevor home to his family where Vlad is protective and Lisa is so happy.

Will get to that!
Also, please note: To anyone who asked me to write Castlevania fics about a year or so ago, for some reason, all of those questions have disappeared off of my feed, despite being shown as still there in number. I might try and retrace some of them by looking at my email notifications, but I can absolutely not make any promises at all.

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I read both of your Trevor protecting Alucard from hunters, they're great. What if Alucard protects Trevor from another vampire? :-)

Mmmm... not really seeing it happen, as there never was really another vampire family established outside of the Tepes family, and, well, Dracula at that time seemed to have a pretty strong grip on every part of Transsylvania.

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I was thinking of something where Trevor looks at Sypha and Adrian and thinks of all they've been through, just how young they both are. Then he makes a promise to protect them no matter what. Whaddya think?

Eeeeh... not really seeing this, it's the same problem as with the one time it was supposed to be just Alucard surprisingly young. I just don't see this working out in the context, seeing that Trevor sees both of them as competent fighters.

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