do u always wear such short skirts? do u find it hot knowing ppl could see cuz u dont wear anything under

I just Like the Look Of Them, Nothing to do With people thinking it’s Oh so Hot. Don’t Care about that Lol

She looks cute, so is she not aloud to wear something that she looks cute in

Thank you. Literally thank You. I absolutely Love dresses & Skirts. They are Cute To Me. Some simple, and Some Fancy. Just Bc There’s No pants Involved, It doesn’t always Have to Be Some Bonerville In someone’s Pants. I just love Dresses 👗

You’re welcome! Not talked in while. I just don’t understand what people find wrong, you like it that’s the important thing plus I thing you like very cute

I love Dresses :(( why Dresses & Skirts gotta Automatically go straight to “seeing up ur skirt”