well i rather do it with u but ur taken :/


wish more girls were like u

I get sent This Quite often😂😂

i just hate it when lots of girls act like prudes when they prob have more experience than me

Whatcha Mean?😂

in my school are girls who slept with half the boys and they still act like they never seen a d1ck thats stupid

Ohhhhh. Oh yeah. Usually When some girls sleep Around, they don’t Wanna Admit it and Don’t want People knowing. So yeah, they Gonna play Quite dumb

but everybody knows cuz guys always talk so why pretend?

Bc admitting That is Giving Into What everyone Knows. Denying it Or simply Not telling ur Gf’s about It, You don’t feel As Skanky When It’s a Secret, even when Guys Talk. But also not Talking About it/Admitting It Could Prevent Unwanted Guys Onto That girl, even if she a Hoe

if they actually sleep around willingly they shouldnt act like they prude cuz they be anythin but

Maybe they Prudes around People they Aren’t attracted To and never wanna Do. There’s so Many reasons Why People Act why They Act. Like wayyyy too Many reasons. All those girls Prolly Have their own stupid Reasons why They act The way They Do Ya Know