Ask @Blanca08:

20 facts, c'mon :3

Roman Lazebniy
1. Wanna come to Spain so much
2. Have 2 sisters
3. Fav colour is purple
4. Pink Floyd is the group of your life
5. Like beer
6. and be drunk
7. Your best friend is Evelina
8. How i wish you were here
9. Smart and interesting
10. Awesome eyes and lips
11. Can't live without headphones
12. Panic! at the disco
13. 17 years old
14. Your fav word is rrrrrrrroma
15. Peaceful smile
16. You like to walk
17. You was performing on the x factor last year with Blanca Ortega
18. You play the guitar a little bit
19. You like chocolate
20. You know that i am so glad of be your friend :)

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