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Are you secretly prejudiced about something or someone and don’t know why ?

TheRealPeach13962’s Profile PhotoTheRealPeach
I know I’m prejudiced against people, some people and I know exactly why.

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Hey! How was your day? ☺️

chelly17x’s Profile PhotoChel
Boring as f…
Spent the morning in bed job searching / applying and drinking, spent afternoon cleaning, minding the dog and cooking dinner, and now chilling with more drink, games and nope that’s about it.
Thanks for asking.

Had the most stressful day and feeling so low, please say something nice 😩😭

Alphabearry’s Profile PhotoJoel
Monkeypox isn’t as scary as news and government will make it out to be. And no it’s not airborne so don’t go reaching for your masks 🙄
Had the most stressful day and feeling so low please say something nice

What is your favourite sound, and what is your least favourite sound?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
My favourite sound is a person…”having a good time 😜” with me
Least favourite is kids

what made you decide to start using this app? where did you find out about it?

softyuwu’s Profile Photo,=,e
I wanted to be seen.
Can’t remember when I started using it…again.

what do you do when you get strange anonymous/“personal” questions? i’m a bit lost😓

softyuwu’s Profile Photo,=,e
I don’t receive anon questions because I made it so, but when I get personal questions, depending how genuine they are, and who they are from, I will answer as honestly as I can but without leaving myself vulnerable. If I feel a persons intentions are malicious, I will either give a non answer or lie to annoy them

How was your day today??

ElsJ_’s Profile PhotoEls
Boring AF. Spent day looking for work, looking after dog and procrastinating on game. Can’t wait for tomorrow - Job centre appointment, case of cider and McDonald’s.

Do dating apps actually work?

ElsJ_’s Profile PhotoEls
Kind of but many people are only looking for hook ups these days. I can’t stand dating apps because of ghosting


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