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( ι ғorgoт aвoυт тнe paѕѕword 😂😂😂😂 ѕowwy! ) * тaĸe нιѕ lord and ғιх нιм qυιcĸ, poor вoтн * ♨♣ мy lord... pleaѕe ѕтay wιтн мe... ♣♨

♠♨Swap!Fell Papyrυѕ♨♠
( Lol it's okay )
He woke up coughing a bit, he had a bandage over his one socket now but the button was gone.
— U-Ugh.. —

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Oh hello there short edgelord!!! *Smiles picking him up, hugs him tightly XDD*

Error! Pap, Paint
— Let me go.. —
He doesn't sound as annoyed as usual, he just covered one of his sockets while the other had a button sewn into it.

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No no no!!-she quickly pulled one out-What should I do!?-Amy cried unsure how to help-

Amy Rose
He started screaming in pain. He had one button off now.. but his socket started bleeding.

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Sans!!-she looks scared trying to remove them with her needle-

Amy Rose
It was actually really painful. Blood starts pouring from underneath the socket, he starts groaning.

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If reincarnation exists, what kind of creature would you like to be in your next life?

// I don't believe in that. It's my opinion. \\

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....okay...I..I'm sorry *he sighs quickly taking out Swapfell's soul then pulls his out* ....*souls quickly switched though not much changed except Swapfell's was now stitched so he might possibly have buttons over his sockets now ohhh no* !?!? *hit the ground, had sockets* *glitched a bit*

Annnd he had buttons over his sockets now.

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