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Nevermind. They were all offline. Ehhhh.... I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO?! And I don't want to ask if I can search for you via email because I feel like that would just be weird. ._.;;;;;

Hehe I already gave you my email to search for my account ^_^ hehe <3

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"Pfft. HAHAHAHAHA. I wasn't asking to date you. I was only asking to keep you as a joke. Cut back on the attitude, please? Or, you can hop your little ass right off of my friend-list. <3 " Sending that. I kind of don't care if it sounds mean. What's the worst they can do, really? :/

Actually that doesn't sound mean at all xD so you are fine dear. :3
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Also, sorry! I'll reply to the message in a minute. I just wanna get this out of the way. I don't give good replies if things are bothering me. XD

Okay I understand :3 I can't wait for your reply baby <3
and I am the same way xD
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Would it be wrong of me to throw an attitude back at them? I already have a bit of a reply back written out? >3>

It wouldn't be wrong if you throw an attitude at them. I mean try not to make it sound so very mean though because it can turn back against you. You know what I mean.
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And I was like 'Uh, you just added me. I was joking. My character is polyamourus anyway...' and I had to explain to him what that was. Which, I don't mind, a lot of people don't know. then he was like 'Meh I dont go by that sooooooo no you cant keep me' It's just like of like, I wasn't asking(cont2)

Try not to worry about it too much dear. :3 It sucks dealing with people like that :( but as long as they don't bother you anymore then you are good.
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Okay. Good! So it's not just me that thinks that. It's like, just because you play a Pikachu doesn't make you a god. Get your head out of your ass~ KThxBaii. XD I can be kinda really rude sometimes. ._.;

Well you were rude for the right reason. Well to me you aren't being rude at all. he was the rude one. You are right just because he is a pikachu doesn't make him a god and don't worry you weren't the only one thinking that.
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Well, this guy added me on ani. He roleplays Pikachu and after he sent his greeting I was all like 'Ah~! Pikachu! Let me keep you!' Because, you know, it's Pikachu. There's hardly anyone who DOESN'T want a Pikachu. Anyway, he's like 'The only people who can keep me are the ones who date me.' (Cont.1

Btw I am surprised to see a pikachu rper on the site usually its red or may but yea still that is a weird way to jump on what you said. :(

anything. Why did this have to turn to anything about dating? You just fucking added me. I was jokingly, ooc, asking if I could keep you. (end. o3o )

Also it kinda sounds like oh anyone can keep me if they date me like a I can date multiple people and it will be fine. Unfortunately there will be bad people to run into but the best thing to do is ignore and delete or block if the person keeps irritating you.

._. I know, it was probably a stupid thing to rant about but it kinda irritated me. It's just like, I wasn't asking anything other than jokingly asking if I could keep him.Ugh. x.x;

No it wasn't a stupid rant at all. I can understand why that irritated you a bit. I mean to auto jump into like on date me if you want to keep me thats a little odd. I mean if I had a pikachu add me I would say the same in a joking way and say can I keep you just cause its pikachu. Not to mention it kinda sounds like he gave you an attitude :/

OH MY GOD. Can I rant to you about something real quick? Some people on ani are such pricks. XD

Yes you can rant to me dear :3 I don't mind at all and I know what you mean. There are some pricks over on ani. xD

Yes I do and good. >:3 Still stalking your channel though, by the way. This is entertaining~ XD

Hehe you are making me blush so much right now <3 and Im happy it is entertaining for you! ^_^

You're so soft spoken in your videos! X3 It's cute.

You really think so? <3 oh you are making me blush. ^_^

...-casually goes to stalk your youtube channel.- >.> X3

Hehe go stalk my channel as much as you want. ^_^ :3 and I sent a reply. <3

>3> So, what's your channel?

My channel is FRANKPOWER4 :3 sucky name tho xD
Just to warn you my voice sounds different on there compared to rl and the phone xD

Just with the games or with commentary too? :3

I did make some with commentary :3 but most are without cause I suck at commentary D: well unless I do it with friends. ^_^

Not particularly. XD I was just wondering. What are some of your favorite youtubers? You make your own videos? About what? c:

Hmmmm I don't really have much of favorite youtubers. :3 I would say JWittz tho :3 and hehe yea ^_^ I make videos on the games I play. ^_^

Anyway~! Do you watch youtube? >w>

Yes I do. ^_^ hehe I even make youtube videos. :3
Is there a video you want me to see? ^_^

Your eyes sound pretty as well. I've always been fascinated by eyes. Like, all of them. They all have their differences and they all reflect the light differently, you know?

Hehe thank you <3 and I know what you mean. :3
That is the best about eyes. Especially when staring into the eyes of someone you love. Captures you more. ^_^ <3

What tattoo do you plan to get? And what's your eye color? o:

I plan to get a dragon on my arm :3 and also the L'Cie brand on my wrist :3 and My eye color is a dark/light brown ^_^

While I'm eating dinner, you should give me a rough description of yourself. You know, since you already partially know about me. X3

Hehe okay. :3 I have short black hair, I am a little bit chubby :( but have been working out now for the past month and a half. :3 I do not have any piercings or tattoos but plan to get a tattoo in the future. ^_^ What else do you want to know about me? ^_^


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