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Tutulaan kita kasi putang ina ka! Kasi paasa kang gago ka! Kasi hinayupak kang pakboi ka! Para 'to sa kaibigan ko— Na walang malay na pinaasa mo! Nananahimik lang siya sa isang kanto, Ngunit walang habas ang iyong panggugulo


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What is your favorite decade for fashion?

this era

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On a scale from 0 to 10, how would you rate the 1970s musically?

Kel C. apologized to Dam O. What do you think Kel C. did to Dam O.? (A) Nilandi (B) Pinaasa (C) Binasura (D) Pinagmukang TANGA (E) Dinumihan ang reputasyon (F)Nag gang up sa mga besh niya (G)Kinonfirmed na malandi (H)Pinahiya (I) Pinaglaruan (J) Pinagmukang sinungaling (K)Ginago (L)All of the above

(M) manahimik ka

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High School Musical, Camp Rock, or Teen Beach Movie?


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Is it ok with you to have sex before marriage when in a relationship?


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Which top universities and colleges in the country are you planning to study?

idk pa, pero I graduated na haha

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Are you my hacker in ask? Bro pleeaase wag mo naman pusuan mga answers nila. Sacred ang heart ko. Pwede ba!

shut up

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Why do you think poor people are poor?

this is the dumbest question I've ever received

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Why do you think that most of handsome guys are snob?

they're either gay

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I'm so overwhelmed. When I had received my report card, I saw my grade in English 99😁, 100 in Math😁😁🙌, 96 in Science🙀.

oh queen... or king

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Are you in Love?

i guess

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On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate the 2000s (2000 to 2009) musically?

What is your favorite Kanye West song? Do you like him as a musician, loathe him as a person?

none and no

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In the entire history of that page, which Glee-Wikian has been the biggest jerk to lesbian women?

that poolalaa bitch, glad he's gone for good

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Why did Glee Wiki's gays hate women so much?

they're fat misoygnists

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Which girl-group, past and present, is your favorite, which your least favorite?

love all girl groups except for KuKluxMoo...

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Am I worth the pain?


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Maganda ba ako?


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Architecture or Engineering?


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Kelan Mission Fair?

lee sin

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How disappointed are you that Camila sings so little in "That's My Girl"?


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What consequences do you feel Selena Gomez should have to suffer from getting Brangelina divorced?

life sentenced

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What Nintendo franchise is your favorite?

Pokemon definitely!

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If you could choose five GW/ friends to get lost in a desert island, who would they be?

none, all of them are fat

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