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So the casting in Surabaya will be held at 4 may? When you will update the time, and the place? (anyway, fyi, on 4 may there is some fashion show in some mall in Surabaya) I really want to join the casting but im so scared, I cant go there:( (this is my third casting, wish I can go there:( )

Surabaya's casting has been merged with Jakarta.

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hi bonita, I saw that the requirements got stricter for the new casting for Jakarta etc.! Are reqs for the Singapore casting going to be stricter too?

We've set higher benchmarks for regional casting based on the feedbacks / difficulties we faced from the trainees from first RC - we need to ensure that the training time / development time for any model trainees are kept to minimum cos flying back and forth is pretty tedious. If RC trainees are not with the right stats, it's gonna be hard to push out as much as possible during their training time in Singapore.

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Hi, I was browsing through the development board, and noticed that there were girls shorter than 168cm like 162cm and 164cm. Is it possible to go for casting calls in the future even if I am only 165cm? (:

Not anymore. We used to have lower benchmarks because the agency was still growing and we were dealing more with events and commercials, nowadays we're handling alot more fashion projects where clients demand models of a certain height.

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Why you wont have a cooperation with another agency (in Surabaya and Jakarta) when you held the casting?

Because I don't want people to think we're affiliated. The last time I sent Elise in for a scouting session with one of the model schools, everyone thought we were tied. So I stopped sending the wrong message around.

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