Ask @BonitaMaBasic:

how will we be notified if we're chosen to be a model? for example if im overseas when you give the news out and i dont have any signal to receive messages or calls. and also will you let us know that we're not selected?

For F.Div you'll prob get the news either on the same evening or the day after, by either SMS or email. A.div prob take awhile longer cos there's alot of assessment plus Wendy's not in during the OC so we're gonna wait for her to be back to run through the tapes.
Only selected applicants will be notified.

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Hi Bonita!! I think the casting should be in January because a lot of my friends want to go for the casting but can't because all our major exams are in november and we don't have time to prepare for it :( just a suggestion but I respect your decision!! Thank you

We have decided to shift the OC permanently to Nov mainly because not alot of trainees can commit to training in Jan / Feb season. December seems easier for most of the students.

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