Ask @BonjourCaptain:

and if they are not into pokemon?

just be honest and tell her if she doesn't feel the same you understand and wouldn't want it to affect the friendship

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You don’t need to do anything I just think you’re so friendly and there’s not many people like you in the world and it literally restores my faith in humanity 😂

Aw you're so kind and likewise. Kind people like yourself are what make up for such horrible people that are out there :)

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Well great. Was going to sleep. Check ask. Boobs.BOOBS. *sigh* gonna be up all night theorising about boobs now. Or "theorising" most likely. Damn.

There's a lot worse you could be up thinking about so

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I love the way you do your eyebrows, they look really nice and suit your style loads!

Thank you very much. I've spent years getting the right techniques to do them. They used to be horrid a few years ago. The fact you appreciate them means a lot 🖤🖤

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I've got an erection. It's very big. I can't reach the bottom of it. Would you mind pulling the bottom Jenga out so it falls down plz?

K den

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