Ask @BonjourCaptain:

A person very close to me, is having a little girl in September. question is: Do i buy clothes that she can grow into or a teddy? or something else that you might want to suggest? Thanks in advance :))

M . A . S . K
We’ve had two babies to buy for recently. So we brought clothes and then we also brought practical things also - Things like baby wipes, nappies, baby shampoo, cotton buds, talc powder, baby towels etc.
We also brought little things that perhaps people wouldn’t have gotten like those ‘baby on board’ car signs and baby milestone cards (to take pictures with as the baby grows), dummy clips etc.
Ultimately we made a hamper, and it was received quite well :)

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Do you play any mobile games? If so, What?

Toxical Wolf
Most games I get bored of, the only game I’ve had and don’t get bored of is Disney magic kingdoms.
The current event is ‘Big hero 6’ so you do tasks to get the characters but basically you build a Disney park and you have a story/task to defeat the evil in the kingdom and clear the curse and you win collections of characters that help along the way. You have to get potions and diamonds to buy floats, characters, buildings and stuff. It takes a while to get started but I’ve been playing it for 2 years and they do a different event each month, the last event was lilo and stitch, but it’s big hero atm. I have to many characters for sure😂🙈

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