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Last one , doesnt the glue take your real hair out?

The glue doesn't take your hair out , the way you remove it does . As long as you take it out correctly your hair shouldn't come out . And I also use a cap .
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So when you wear weave its a wig?

Lmaoo , no my weave is either sew in or glue . Which ever one I feel like doing . But my bob happens to be glew . My bob is a weave too
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What inch ... of Hair do you get it looks long

I have 18/20 right now . & yeah it stops at my waist . Because I'm pretty tall
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Wyd besides postin pic of ur self on insta

Lmao , it's Instagram . That's wtf it's for . & I do a lot of shit boo
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Your beautiful i just wish you would fwm im afraid it you saw me you wouldnt even look at me

Awww thank you & dont be insecure I'm not stuck up ... Kik me ? Alize_j


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