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So you still would want to date her even if she can't have sex until she's off the meds?

Yes, sex doesn't run a relationship.. Who is this?

It's World UFO Day! What's the first thing you'd ask an alien?

Watchu kno abt this reefa boiiiiii hahaha

If you found out that the girl you had a crush on had type 1 diabetes would you still want to date her? (She has to inject insulin into her body and use a needle everyday. She also can't have sex until she's off certain meds) Be honest.

This is rather specific... Lol but of course I would, y wouldn't I?

This guy I'm sorta friends with called this girl I know a sluut and a u.gly-a**-b!tch on Facebook so I posted on his wall saying to take those posts down. Then Another guy commented on my post and said "u want her brah?" Do you think most people will think that I like her?

Well I hope not u were just defending a friend I salute u

I LoVe sAtUrDaY CuZ Da nXt DaY Is sUNdAy buT I HaTe sUnDY cUz NxT iS SkUl.

Can u type like a normal fucking person like holy shit

If a lot of nerdy guys like you does that mean you're really hot and smart?

I'm a guy so I hope other guys don't like me but if ur a female tht has a lot of nerdy guys tht like them it could really go either way tbh


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