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Just by looking at your ask.FM you gotta be the dumbest bitch in America lil mama damn wonder what scooter gotta say

just from reading these comments from yo anonymous punk ass u gotta b da punkest bitch I know and wats understood between me and my people is not meant to b explained to punk bitches like u, im not MARRIED baby so u ask Scooter what he think LIL BITCH!!!
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Nan shaniece it's not what I go by Meka I know u very well you and ur kids ms.poot is my heart I'm just looking out for you sweetie I hate for u to be mislead u have to much potential key word Meka MARRIED don't be a fool

if u cared so much u wouldnt b hiding behind a social network I will never b a fool and a nigga can never play me while he think he playing me im playing the same games he playing

Baby u keep flashing those earrings you very proud I see so what you think the next bitch got you fucking with dinky to get back at doc but lil do you know it makes you look very dumb lmao talk of the city frfr get it together

Shaniece baby u looked better when u texted dis same shit to Dinky phone now u look like the dumb fool u r sending me messages behind a social network lmmfao u hell GURL BYE

Bitch you getting tricked like the rest of these hoes but dinky gone always be in my corner IM MEKA HOE ASK ABOUT ME

Baby girl fall in line wit the rest of the punk ass hoes he fuck wit.... or better yet fall in line behind his punk ass cuz while u and him both think im gettin played im really the one pulling the strings in this puppet show!!!! Ha! a nigga can never play me sweety especially a MARRIED MAN! FUCK YALL THOUGHT!

Oh so u fuck wit Mr Westside himself ewww...just nasty that nigga given out community head and that nasty ass dick lmao jokes on u lil nasty

u heard toooo llh


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