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Happy Birthday Laura Matheson. You have the same birthday as my mom. :)

Bothtawee Kelly

Your turning 20 today. :) I've been wondering if you got your pilots license like you promised your grandmother (knowing you, you probably have. Though if you've been busy, you have your whole life to fulfill that promise). Hope you are doing well.

Hope everything becomes neutral between us in the future. I've been having dreams about you all week as usual (dreams about you become a lot more frequent around your birthday and my birthday).

P.S. Remember this picture? I find it still true. :)

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Do you still have your cadet uniform?

You hear stories of former military personnel burning their uniforms when they leave (most end up regretting it later). Since I was sad with clinical depression and angry when I left, I almost too destroyed my uniform but I managed to keep it in it's original condition and I'm glad, even though it does bring back some bad memories. I even have the full parka, gloves and winter hat.

I will soon have a display case made to fit a mannequin inside that is 5'9" (my height back then and now), put my uniform on the mannequin and inside the display case. I may do the same for my flight suit, combats and PT gear (the combat display case will be larger due to the fact that it will have to fit the mannequin AND the length and width of a Canadian Forces ground sheet (with everything inside a 82' pattern rucksack on top of the ground sheet including inside the compression bag) as well (this will be the last to be made and will have to wait until I have the room).

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I know it was a week ago but how was Easter?

My mom doesn't know about Laura so when she gave me these chocolates it kinda made me sad because of the first name...

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What are the best remedies for someone who has just been dumped?

Your asking the wrong guy. Laura Matheson and I never dated but sure feels close to it. May actually start thinking seriously about hiring a private investigator to find her. They can find anyone even if they change their name because everything is always documented. Still can't ignore the price to fire one though. :/

But only after my friend in the UK and I meet later.

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Would you rather jog with a cool sports watch or cool running shoes?

I haven't warn a watch in years so running shoes.

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It’s Earth Hour today. How would you spend one hour in the dark?

Well today I worked with my works emergency lights on...

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What’s the coolest thing people can learn from you?

I'm a good marksman when shooting (basically an amateur sniper since I have no formal training as one so I self teach about rotation of bullet, windage, etc. but I'm better at grouping (almost always at the centre).

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How do you plan to sue the girl that owes you money if you don't know where she lives other than knowing what street?

2 people owe me over $1500 combined but private investigates and debt collectors can find people anywhere in the world even if they change their names.

So I could also find where Laura lives that way to talk to her (I knew where she lived back in cadets because when she gave me her phone number back in cadets it was land line) but that would be problematic not to mention expensive since PI's charge hundreds of dollars plus you then have to pay all of their expenses to do the work (they give you proof) room food, gas, etc.

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Why wait until April to post a pic of Laura?

That way, if she sues me, at least t will be after I comeback from the UK since she is in Ottawa.

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Am I more soldier or pilot?


Do you tend to collect things or do regularly review and get rid of them?

Usually collect. Only done the second once.

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What’s your biggest cooking failure?

I once left a pot on the stove for a few hours by accident when I only had water in it and when I tried to cool the lid down by putting cold water on it, the glass shattered which I should have known... X'D

That was when I started cooking meals for the first time on my own with no help at all. The pot had to be replaced because of burn marks from the water on the bottom. :P

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When you gonna show what Laura looks like?

Beginning to mid April I'll post a pic of her.

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How was Christmas and New Years?

Worked both days and both eve's.

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What are you going to o for the holidays?

Nothing. :/

Can't really seem to enjoy life too much with no news of Laura. I'm thinking of posting a pic of her (prob. background pic?) like someone asked I think it was a few months ago which will have pros and cons. It may get her thinking of making a law suit but at least I'd see her again because she'd have to be there in person if she decides to. It would be an effort to try to find her but that's going down a dangerous path that seems almost worth it. Finding her would probably be easier which could seem worth it in order to make a better ending with her.

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Would you force Laura to love you?

I think Laura would rather die before giving in to me (or anyone) after forcing her to do something that extreme. Knowing her, she's a strong girl and would resist to her last dying breath no matter what you do. Besides, it's not real love if you force someone to love you. So no point in beating her or forcing her in any other way. You can't break her into doing anything.

If she were to agree to talk to me, I'd give her the choice of where, when, how and allow her to decide any other terms (so basically, she would full control on how it will happen so she can do it the way she wants it) but if it is not in person or by voice, she would then have to answer a question only us 2 (and her family) would know.

My ex-gf Kaiti kinda wants her to talk to me at least once as well as since my ex is the only friend I have left in Ottawa, it puts pressure on her and it frustrates and upsets her since she knows that I've only been happy around her since and once she leaves I'm back into depression and she can't be there for me all the time (I know Laura wouldn't be there for me all the times either) and she also knows if she were to break her friendship with me, it would be the end for me (I think you know what I mean by that) so she knows she can't break our friendship either for tragic result reasons so she's stuck and no one knows what to do to help me or her. In our texts (both on our phones and on Facebook), you can see her frustration on not being able to help me.

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Which superstition do you believe to be true?


A good luck superstition that originated in the United Kingdom involves saying “rabbit” right after you wake up on the first day of the month. Whether you say “rabbit,” “white rabbits,” or “rabbit, rabbit,” the ritual will supposedly give you good luck for the rest of the month. The superstition has been around since at least the early 1900s, and even President Franklin Roosevelt reportedly said “rabbit, rabbit” to usher in each new month. If you forget to say it in the morning, for the same results simply say “black rabbit” or “tibbar, tibbar” (rabbit spelled backwards) right before you go to sleep instead.

I believe the more I do this, the more likely I am to make contact with Laura and have one last chance to make a better ending with her.

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Some of you know that I might be getting a potential roommate from the UK sometime this time next year.

Bothtawee Kelly

Unfortunately, from mutual friends over there, I heard that she was in an accident (haven't been told what type). You may have known that I had a strong bond with her such as I loved her in a way. Judging by how everyone is neglecting to tell me what happened or how she is doing, I am assuming that she is in critical condition (still alive I've been told) as they know my feelings for her.

Since Laura Matheson, I have not felt anything like this. I can't even say anything to our mutual friends without saying something wrong. :'(

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What happened to your movie script?

Trying to get the cover letter for it sorted out. I'll probably make a new script or a book (or more accurately, a document of maybe 90 minimum though that is probably getting too hopeful) in an attempt to understand my own mentality as I no longer know who I am mentally/psychiatric wise. As I will probably be doing this with my councillor, it will probably explain a lot to Laura Matheson if she were to read it as well.

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Finish the sentence: Never have I ever...

went a day without thinking about Laura at least once. If I die and if ghosts exist, I'll come back and haunt her PEACEFULLY.

When I say peacefully, I mean I will attach myself to her so no matter where she goes, I'll just follow her and won't be stuck in one place like on one property. I will give her her space and privacy most of the time though (meaning I won't go into the washroom wen she is using it or in her room when she is changing. Apart from being close by her at all times as a ghost, I'll leave her alone most of the time and limit to when she forgets something or is in danger (or do something that will put her in danger) or needs to stay awake for something important). ^_^ :P

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What annoys you the most about a close friend?

Not having one physically. Just emotionally now tho same person. :'(

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He's doing the right thing on ignoring them. I'm assuming he reported their questions as well as that's what I usually do and then block the people as I recognize 1 of those guys. I believe is watching them tbh from the reply I got back from the admin a while back.

I seek comfort from bullying with old pictures and videos I took during cadets in which Laura is in. A lot of them is her being funny and making me laugh. They are the only thing keeping me from breaking down really. I mean, my other British friend who we plan to be roommate late next year the earliest (as she wants to finish law school) knows my feelings for her and if we do end up falling in love, she'll know that I truly love her but I wouldn't feel complete without Laura (at least as a peaceful connection somehow then I'd likely feel complete).

That guy though seems to handle things better than me. If only I could. Not even my councillor seems to be able to help and he is the 3rd one I tried and last one possible.

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I have reported and blocked a number of you and sent suggestions to They responded with:

Bothtawee Kelly

"As for the blocking improvement. You have some good points. I will pass those ideas so they could be considered."

The Terms of Use for the recent people these past few days are clearly listed in's TOU:

"When using the Services, you must not post or send anything which:

1. Is mean, is bullying someone or is intended to harass, scare or upset anyone;
2. Is deliberately designed to provoke or antagonize people, especially trolling;
3. Uses rude words or is intended to upset or embarrass anyone;
4. Encourages dangerous or illegal activities or self-harm;
5. Depicts horrible, shocking or distressing things;
6. Contains any threat of any kind, including threats of physical violence to yourself or others;
7. Is racist or discriminates based on someone’s race, religion, age, gender, disability or sexuality;
8. Infringes other individual’s privacy rights;
9. Is defamatory or violates any third party’s rights, including breach of confidence, copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, moral right, privacy right, right of publicity, or any other intellectual property right;
10. Constitutes spam, attempts to sell anything to other users, or competes with the business of ASKfm;
11. Attempts to scrape or collect any personal or private information from other users or from the Services;
12. Pretends to come from someone other than you, or where you are impersonating someone else;
13. May cause any harm or damage to you or anyone else;
14. Otherwise breaches the TOU; or
15. Attempts to do any of the foregoing.

We reserve the right, at any time and without prior notice, to remove or disable access to any content in violation of the TOU or otherwise harmful to the Services or our users. If anyone is bullying or harassing you (or anyone else) or doing any of the things that are not allowed under the TOU or our Rules of Conduct, you can report it or complain."

I only listed the ones that have happened or might happen. You are trying to get me to leave but according the support, you, according to them "may be kicked of permanently" as my suggestions included blocking IP addresses so even if you don't use a account, you will still be blocked (also blocked from viewing page and using any app or service (or whatever they would be called).

"Respect is the foundation of our community. We want to make sure that everyone can have a great experience on ASKfm.

Remember: posting threatening, bullying or harassing questions and answers is ALWAYS unacceptable on ASKfm." You have done all 3.

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What made you want to join the Canadian Forces?

I used to be in air cadets. Since joining the army is a family tradition sort of, I thought I start there and since then, I take everything in my life into military standard. I clean everything , polish boots and shoes, make my bed as if it were a bunk bed (if possible), organize my closet, wear some clothing and even respond to most people to military standard to name some (so responding to someone as "Yes sir/ma'am" while sometimes standing as if I'm at attention but not as strictly, sort of half proper and half relaxed. I even respond to my supervisor at work in my security guard job as "Yes supervisor" sometimes as if supervisor was a rank. It amuses him but he understands since he knows I used to be a cadet.).

I still have my ex-gf have the final say on most things if I'm in a situation I'm having trouble with so if she tells me not to do something, I don't question it even if nothing bad is likely to happen. At my security job, most of the time I'm standing in 1 spot for a little and I find myself standing "At-Ease" fully looking straight ahead and chin up and not talking.

If standing in a line or crowed for what ever response and someone asks a question, when everyone else raises their hand, I do the military standard "prove" which is if in front of the line, arm at a 90 degree angle with hand in a fist and if behind someone, same thing except fist is in the air with my upper arm parallel to the ground. I even played airsoft/paintball using military training instead of adapting to game play if that makes any sense which is not always a good idea since paintball and BB's aren't as arrow dynamic or go nearly as far by a long shot as a bullet.

So 6 years and 7 months in cadets was drilled so much into my life that it's doubtful it will leave any time soon and that's unusual for most ex-cadets and even military personal. They look at me and go like "relax dude." Cadets is known to turn rebellious teens into model citizens tho so it's not quite that surprising. It is one of Cadets Canada's goals. It might have worked to well for me though. Everything I do has some form of military standard to it even for the least military things that aren't even seen in the military like walking in public with noting to do with the military environment (ie. not a parade) where I find myself attempting to match the steps and arm swing with the person in front of me or with the person I'm walking with).

Heck, I even wear pins that are not even remotely related to the military to military standard. Give me a small pin and I'll put it on the middle seam of my breast pocket and make sure it's put on to military standard (ie. centered and at the right height) or even wear regular civilian hats to military headdress standard (varies on hat).

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Do you want to be Prime Minister?

Nah, to much pressure for me and eyes on me.

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