Ask @BountyHunterLani:

Tina and her mom look very similar, is that on purpose?

Yes, they're supposed to look very similar. Tina' has a distinct "Young" look to her, and her mother has accessories that Tina doesn't have.
Tina also likes different clothing, and especially likes different colors. And she also gets herself a "Cute cape", where her mother doesn't really like it too much.
Probably going into too much detail for this question, but people rarely ask me about my game, so you're welcome. :P

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If you could only have 3 people to train you for a profession of your dreams, who would they be and why?

Oh! This is a fun question :D
Since I wanna be a wrestler:
1 - The Rock!
He is amazing on the microphone, and he seems to know what he's doin' in the gym. He's in such great shape o_o
He's also been on both sides of the fence (Face/Heel) plenty of times, so he could help with that a lot :)
2 - Bayley!
She has such a nice persona, and I think she is a great wrestler as well. Ultimately, she's someone I'd love to HUG! :D
3 - The Undertaker!
Although he's a naturally tall dude, and the absolute antithesis of me, I would benefit a lot from the Phenom and his expertise. :O

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