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Favorite lyrics right now

"I GOT HOEEESSSS CALLING A YOUNG NIGGA PHONEEEE" sorry thatz what comes to my mind first

Have you started to predict what the year 2018 will be like ?

This question was published 9 days ago and its almost the end of 2019 and u r asking this. Nigga bot yo trippin?

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Kalo yg diajak gak mau nemenin ke nikahan mantan mending lanjut dateng atau gak?

Nan taki pillu sad sik pi pi

我本來同一個女仔成日wts,但衣家她好似唔想同我wts 咁,可以點算?

Gum nei gg la

thoughts on netflix

Series not uploaded frequently enough~low quantity but some vids r amazing undoubtedly
Liked by: Bebe

If you could wake up tomorrow and have gained one ability, what would it be and why?

Reading minds

It's Labour Day! Are you going to do some work or relax today?

I want to relax duh
But desire means nth


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