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Post your Dp?? X it's beautiful <3


whoever likes gets a 'ily beautiful' in their ask?

Sure thang

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why does harry like your answers?

He loves me

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Do you fancy the pants off harry styles?x

Yeah, definitely my #1 crush. I want him.

View more dont look like harry :D

I didn't say I did :)

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How big is your dick? ❤

Why do you not have any respect?

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Do you love Harry?xx

I do :)

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Always fun finding out things from people... Hint hint.

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Boy crush? <3 x

Harry Styles

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Are you gay ?

No for the last and final time

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harry potter or lord of the rings?

Harry Potter for the win!!

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Niall horan?

Harry Styles?

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Hello :)

You're not my twin.

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James MCVey
You're starting this again? Really?

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your annoying

The fact that you don't know the difference between 'you're' and 'your' is annoying.

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harry styles is ___

A very good looking chap!!

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Can you do the word game too please? :)

We loveyou Harry♥
Sure thing :)

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lalalalaaa. I sing and write songs and stuff for The Vamps. Shibby.